Welcome to Future Nepal

At Future Nepal, we invite you to embark on a journey of positive change and contribute to the brighter future of Nepal. Whether you’re a dedicated group, a passionate organization, or an individual seeking to make a meaningful impact, we extend our warm welcome to you. Established in 2002 and registered with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal, we are a non-governmental and non-profitable volunteering organization committed to making a difference.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide meaningful opportunities for volunteers and ourselves to cultivate a deeper understanding of one another. We open our doors to volunteers from around the world, offering them the chance to engage in life-changing projects across various fields.

Volunteer in Nepal Programs

At Future Nepal, we offer a diverse range of volunteer programs to match your skills, interests, and aspirations. You have the unique opportunity to design your own program based on your preferences, and we are here to provide you with all the necessary information and support to ensure your experience is both fulfilling and unforgettable.

Explore our array of volunteer programs:

  1. Teaching English Volunteer: Share your language skills and empower young minds.
  2. Skill-oriented programs: Utilize your expertise to contribute to specific projects.
  3. Environmental Awareness: Work towards a greener and more sustainable Nepal.
  4. Community Health Post Volunteer: Make a difference in local healthcare initiatives.
  5. Teaching in Tibetan Monasteries: Immerse yourself in unique cultural experiences.
  6. Women Empowering Volunteer: Support the empowerment of women in Nepal.
  7. Cultural Exchange/Home Stay: Immerse yourself in Nepali culture through homestays.
  8. International Volunteer Village: Join a global community of changemakers.
  9. Sports Projects: Promote physical fitness and sportsmanship among Nepali youth.
  10. Organic Farming and Permaculture: Help promote sustainable agriculture.
  11. Helping Orphans: Make a significant impact on the lives of orphans in Nepal.
  12. Children Research Center Volunteer: Contribute to educational and developmental initiatives for children.

We believe in the power of volunteers to create a better future for Nepal, and we are here to facilitate your journey. Just like Julie Penin from France, who shared her experience after working with Future Nepal, you too can be part of our ever-growing community of changemakers.

Join us at Future Nepal and be a part of something extraordinary. Together, we can shape a brighter tomorrow for Nepal.

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Volunteer, Intern, Fundraise, Donate, Sponsor and Promote

Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in our variety of educational and community aid programs. This will give you a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Nepal and while doing so gain an in-depth experience of the country and its culture, which will stay with you the rest of your life.