Training and orientation:
Volunteers will be met at the airport by a Future Nepal representative holding a placard with volunteer’s name and Future Nepal on it. The representative will take volunteer to guest house. All we request to our volunteers please provide us your flight information as soon as possible so that a punctual pick-up can be arranged.

Upon Volunteers arrival in Kathmandu we offer 3 days to 1 week of orientation and training at Future Nepal office, depending on the type of programs. These training help volunteers to understand our organization, various programs and opportunities, country, Nepali language and culture, safety measures, visa issues, dos and don’ts, etc. During the orientation and training period in Kathmandu, we organize the sightseeing around the Kathmandu Valley 3 hours every day.

During the orientation and training period, volunteers will be participating in:

-2 hours basic Nepali language class per day
-Cultural information/safety issues
-Volunteers’ interests, programs & opportunities, and placement information
-Sightseeing in Kathmandu every day after training
-Shopping opportunities upon request

After the orientation and training, we transfer you to your working area. Our staff will accompany you to the host family and help you settle in.

So far as placement is concerned stay in a Nepali family where they are offered Nepali food twice a day (around 9 o’clock in the morning and 7 o’clock in the evening). Tea is served in the morning and afternoon with some snacks. Usually school, local organization/club/women groups and Health post at easy distance away and the volunteers will have to teach 3-4 classes everyday. Generally school/organization starts at 10 a.m. and is over at 4 p.m. More often than not, school runs 6 days a week and Saturday is a holiday. On that day the volunteers can get together and share their experiences. They can travel to nearby towns to purchase things for daily use and other areas in case of longer vacation. Besides their teaching time, volunteers can utilize their spare time in organizing the youth and women’s groups of the community to do some worthwhile activities regarding avoidance of plastic materials and raise awareness about income generating programs.

Target areas:-Generally we have focused the following Areas.

Kathmandu Valley :- In the suburb and rural parts.
Pokhara:- It is the naturally gifted part of western Nepal.
Chitwan:- It is situated about 160 Km to the south of Kathmandu.
Gorkha :- It is one of the historical and religious places of western Nepal
Rashuwa:-It is Langtang mountain trekking trail
Nuwakot, Kavrepalanchook and most of the district of Nepal regarding volunteers interests

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Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in our variety of educational and community aid programs. This will give you a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Nepal and while doing so gain an in-depth experience of the country and its culture, which will stay with you the rest of your life.