Eco-village Construction

We believe that volunteering is one way to make worldwide friends and to get to know one another and to learn more idea from one another. I keen interest to design volunteering program for international volunteers throughout in Nepal and especially in my eco-village. I want to change the social structure through social movement so I designed one Open Social Exhibition Center, which is under construction and want to volunteer help. Volunteers welcome to share own skill, idea and experience. I think three mission to change community. They are

1. Positive Mission.-Be Positive every work or love own job, development, Think, Realize
2. Green Mission – Eco-farming, Eco-tourism, Eco-village, Eco-forest. Green House build, Avoid plastic
3. Stone Mission – Use our Natural Resource for development and construction without disturbance of future generation.

We and our community welcome in our community(home) with its warm and friendly atmosphere for many international volunteers from different countries.

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