Aleksandra Krupa (Poland)

Program: Monastery Duration: 6 weeks 19th Dec. 2024 1. What did your average day look like? There were a lot of volunteers so I spend my time with them. I would wake up around 6 :30am go to morning puja(Praying) and take breakfast at 7:00am. Then we had classed with monks till 15:00 and after […]

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Ilaria Rimondi (Italy)

I have been for a week in a village in Dhading district. I was hosted by a wonderful local family with 2 lovely children. The village was located in the middle of rice terraced hills and forest, incredible landscapes! In the village there were small bazaars for basic necessities and the city with all services […]

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Cameron Hawke-Smith

I chose to go to Nepal because I wanted to find a country as unlike Britain as I could. That I certainly achieved. I chose to volunteer because I wanted not to see the country as a tourist sees it, but to understand it as someone living and working there. The two placements were an […]

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Luz Del Carmen Lopez

Hi Durga, Thank you for everything. I have a great time in Nepal. The volunteering in the village and in the school teach me a lot of things. Amrit’s Family was Fantastic, they were very accommodating with. I learned little Nepali however I think they learned more English. Raju and Prem were also very helpful […]

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Pablo G. Capistrano (Spain)

I have spent three months and half in Nepal, for almost two months collaborating with Future Nepal, my experience was great from the first day I arrived, Durga and all the family were so nice and welcoming, the project in Kathmandu at Himalaya School and the library and after at the Eco-Park in Chitwan were […]

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