Ng Cheu Yu (China)

Name : Ng Cheu Yu Country : Hong Kong, China Program : Homestay/ Cultural Exchange Durgation : 2 Weeks (21th Feb 2024 -6th March 2024) 1. What did your average day look like? Eating breakfast on a sunny balcony, hike, lunch, sightseeing, watch a movie, dinner, sleep 2. Other things I did on my placement. […]

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Aleksandra Krupa (Poland)

Program: Monastery Duration: 6 weeks 19th Dec. 2023 1. What did your average day look like? There were a lot of volunteers so I spend my time with them. I would wake up around 6 :30am go to morning puja(Praying) and take breakfast at 7:00am. Then we had classed with monks till 15:00 and after […]

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Luz Del Carmen Lopez (Mexico)

Name: Luz del Carmen López Gender: female Country: Mexico Program: Future Nepal (teaching english)   1, What did your average day look like? In avarege my day was in the school all day, then in the evening enjoying with the family I was living with. 2, Other things I did on my placement. Hiking and […]

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Tatiana Ostapenko

Name: Tatiana Ostapenko Country: Spain Program: Teaching in Monastery 1. What did your average day look like? We wake early in 6:30. Our days were start with a breakfast. Then we had some time to prepare to the lesion and to walk around (groped a cup of coffee) 11:30 lunch time. The lesson were a […]

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Hanna Lehikoinen

Name: Hanna Lehikoinen From: Finland Program: Women’s’ empowerment and Environmental project 1. What did your average day look like? Depending on where I was working, my working day started in different time. Sometimes it started at 8 am or then 9 pm. First I was teaching children at the secondary school about environmental awareness for […]

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