Carol Abril

It was my first voluntary experience. I love Nepal and Raniban area with kind people everywhere. I hope had contributed somehow with the classes and with my energy. Thanks Durga for your hospitality. I hope you will continue developing your projects. You have good ideas. Best wishes to you and your kind family.

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Luz Lopez

Hi Durga, Thank you for everything. I have a great time in Nepal. The volunteering in the village and in the school teach me a lot of things. Amrit’s Family was Fantastic, they were very accommodating with. I learned little Nepali however I think they learned more English. Raju and Prem were also very helpful […]

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Linnea (Sweden)

This has truly been an memorable experience! To get to know Nepalese culture, people and their lives has been so interesting. I hope many more volunteers will come to have this experience. It does change some perspectives. I am very glad to have gotten to know the women in women group and also the children […]

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Karen Benavider

I am 29 years old female nurse from Costa Rica. I spent 1 month in Dhading little village with a lovely and welcomely Nepali family which make the experience 1000% better. I helped them in farm activities, it was a hard work that make you value even more our farmers. Also, I was volunteering in […]

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Julie Penin

I worked for 2 months with Future Nepal. As my first experience as a volunteer, I am delighted about how everything went. I planned on teaching for 2 weeks at the monastery, then teaching for 4 weeks in a primary school and finally 2 weeks at the orphanage. Everything was so well organized and everyone […]

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