Future Nepal - Govt. Regd: 241, Social Welfare Council: 30840, Nepal Government Tax No.: 601339408 Email: contact@futurenepal.org
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Future Nepal is a volunteer organization in Nepal established in 2002 and registered with social welfare council of Nepal. It is a non—governmental and extremely non-profitable organization working under the principle of “change society by Volunteering”. It established with the objective of changing and promoting the status of the country through “Volunteering in Nepal”. The members of its group have collected enough experiences in volunteering works and are familiar with every problems of the society.

"I was very happy with teaching in Nepal. The Nepal classes were excellent I just wish I was a
 faster learner, Durga you an excellent teacher. Sita and the family looked after us so well. 
The house was perfect and it was a delight to be mound so much greenery and animals. 
The principle of paramount school is very nice and hospitable person." Robin Kabir -UK More

"Thank you so much for everything!! I had a wonderful time in Nepal visiting Kathmandu, 
volunteering at Clinic Nepal in Meghauli- Chitwan and trekking. I felt so welcome here, 
and I am grateful for all of your help organizing my first visit to Nepal. 
I hope to return soon, and I hope to see you again!! You are such a warm, welcoming person. 
I wish you the best for the future. Thank you again!! Emily Tsai –New York"

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