Luis Miguel Gonzalez

Name: Luis Miguel Gonzalez
Country: Spain, Barcelona
Program: Teaching in Monastery and helping to orphans

Before to start my project, I stayed 2 or 3 days in the tourist area of Kathmandu and Durga made me the volunteer card and taught me some words and expressions in Nepalese. Although the people normally understand English, is good to learn this expressions to communicate with people in Nepal, both in your normal life as in your project, it is a good signal to respect to Nepalese people and also its funny when they discover that you can talk some expressions in Nepalese.

I have spend the 2 first weeks teaching English in a Buddhist temple close to Durga’s place, it was a really good experience because the kids were so funny and nice, and you can see how they live there. I was teaching in a group of 12- 15 students, sometimes they play and you can enjoy with them too. Their classroom is so humble but they have enough materials to learn and you will have enough materials to teach too but you can always take from your country if you want.

During my stay I was sharing flat with 2 more volunteers but we ate always in Durga’s place, the food was correct and she was always attentive to our needs and offering her help in case we need. After dinner we used to play cards and having fun with Durga and her family.

After that I spend 2 weeks in the orphanage. Durga accompanied me to the orphanage which is a bit far from the first place where I stayed.

My experience was really positive and enriching, I think that I received more than I could give to them. This orphanage is managed by a couple who are like superheroes for me because they are working in this orphanage with 10 kids without any government aid.

For my surprise, the kids are extremely educated, nice, respectful with other kids (they are like a members of the same family), me and other people and they are very careful and clean with the materials and things of the house (sleeping bags, clothes, floor, toilet, kitchen tools, etc.).

They are very thankful and I will always received hugs coming back after spend one day out of the orphanage and we played a lot, they called me “brother”. They always have a smile in the face and this is a very good lesson for people who are coming from develop countries as most of the volunteers.

Also I had my own room and the bosses of the orphanage were always helping me in case I needed and they were really nice and friendly. Even the last day when I got a stomach virus Anita was caring me and after that Durga.

I recommend this experience and also be flexible and understand that you are in a poor country and it means that you won’t have hot showers and potable tap water, and the electricity on is only for few hours a day. Even those complications you can accustom and make a normal life.