English Teaching Volunteer in Nepal

Nepal is a touristic country which has English second language and the young children in Nepal are trying to learn English language because it is international language in this global world for world trade, commerce and communication. We have, in Nepal, two kinds of education private and government school. The governmental schools are handled with very less resources and the English Teaching volunteers are always in demand. In private, almost all subjects are in English medium except Nepali subject. Whereas, in government, only the English subject is in English medium and rest are in Nepali.

We are looking for Volunteers who can teach English to children in schools. As we all know ‘children are future of the nation’. Future Nepal has supported some schools and children resource Center. The children range from 8 to 16 years old.

Volunteer do not need qualification, to take part in the project. Volunteer can make your own lesson plan according to the standard of the student course of study. Volunteer can teach in their own idea like: by playing, singing, and dancing and so on. Volunteer are requested to bring the essential material those which are useful whiling teaching.

Along with the teaching, volunteers are enables to explore the local area and the culture of Nepal and also participate in the cultural program.