Linnea Petersson

Name: Linnea Petersson (Swedish)
Sex: Female
Program: Teaching English in School

1. What did your average day look like?
I got up at 6:30 went to Zumba class at 7:30 after breakfast. Then at 9 I had English class with the women. After that I went to school to have English or some other subject with the children. I usually come back around 13 and then had lunch. On the afternoons I prepared for the next day and just do whatever I felt like, just chilling or going sightseeing.

2. Other things I did on my placement.
I went to the KAT Center in Kathmandu where the rescue stray dogs. It was very interesting to see their job and what they do for the animals.

3. What are some of the issues or challenges you faced?
Getting used to not having electricity at different times, especially if my phone was out of battery should have brought a flash light.

4. Advice to next volunteer going to your placement?
Bring flashlight! And books if you are alone.

5. Would you volunteer at this placement again?
It’s possible but there are still many other countries I want to go to, but I recommend it.

6. Would you volunteer at this organization again?

7. Suggestion or problem?
Maybe the possibility to work on a public school is the children are in more need of help with English. I liked the school and the children very much but they were already very good with the language and they had help from the teachers at all time.