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Yiming Huang (China)

I worked for 2 weeks with Future Nepal. It is my first time to do volunteer in Nepal. I like beautiful environmental in Nepal and all of students. All I have seen in Nepal are so interesting. Thanks for Future Nepal!

Krishna Joshi (USA)
I really enjoyed my time at monastery teaching English to 3 different classes. I soon used to the 5am wake up going and chatting, was also to enjoy the company of the monks outside of lesson and get an insight into life as a monk. Teaching English required me to think on the great and was challenging at times, but I soon get used to it. I wish I could have stayed longer than 2 weeks so the monks had more continue in their. I would recommend volunteering were and Future Nepal gives a warm welcome to volunteers when you first arrive, which really helped me settle into a new country.

Xiao Feng Zhang (China)

It was a good time when we worked. It was the time that I couldn’t forget in my whole life. And I hope that Nepal will become stronger.

Zhi Jiam Xie (China)

It’s a great experience for me to meet many Chinese friends and foreigners and visit the Nepal culture. I believe I can’t forget this trip which makes me crazy. And I played with the children who are so cute and beautiful. Thanks to for this trip.

Jianhua Chen (China)

Nepal, the charming country. I’m so glad that I can been here. I stay here for two weeks. And teach the local children, play games with them. What a nice experience. I hope I can be a volunteer and do more meaningful things for local children.