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Pablo G. Capistrano (Spain)

I have spent three months and half in Nepal, for almost two months collaborating with Future Nepal, my experience was great from the first day I arrived, Durga and all the family were so nice and welcoming, the project in Kathmandu at Himalaya School and the library and after at the Eco-Park in Chitwan were great, it’s been very interesting and could experience how helpful is Future Nepal to the community, I learned something new every day and laugh a lot.

Thank you family!! Hope to see you soon!! cheers!!

Carol Abril (Spain)

It was my first voluntary experience. I love Nepal and Raniban area with kind people everywhere. I hope had contributed somehow with the classes and with my energy.
Thanks Durga for your hospitality. I hope you will continue developing your projects. You have good ideas. Best wishes to you and your kind family.

Chui Lee Wong (Malaysia)

It is my first voluntary experience but it will not be last. I’m so blessed that I have been treating like one of your family member. Your family & kids made me feel I’m home always from home. All the wonderful memories will be always in my mind, I will never forget them. Lots of my first time took placed in here such as sifting on the bus’s roof top, seen my first sharing stays in my life, worked in a farm & even teaching Taekwondo class!
I learnt a lot in these its days, met lots of awesome people from all over the world; and what I gained in this trip is definitely priceless!

My Nepali mama, please take care! I will always miss you, papa Bishnu, Divya & Diwash. Such an non our to know everyone of you!
Thanks for everything& God Bless

Estelle Ng (Singapore)

A huge thank you to Durga and family for being such wonderful hosts during my stay in Nepal. Thank you for everything. Wherever I go, I know that I’ll have friends and family on Kathmandu/Chitwan. I’ll definitely miss your dhal bhaat and tea. I wish Future Nepal all the best and please, let’s stay in touch. Will definitely drop by if/when I return to Nepal in future.
Much love,

Carlota, Anna, Clara, Arianda (Spain)

This has been an incredible experience getting to know the Nepalese culture and this wonderful country has made us feel really lucky. We felt welcome at all times and we really appreciate what your family has done for us. You made us feel special, as if we were at home. When we come back from the Orphanage we realize how much we missed you! You are our Nepalese family and we will never forget these amazing movements that we shared. Hope you can come to Spain someday. We will miss you!
Namaste, Thank you Divya and Durga!!