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Other Running Projects

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Future Nepal. You can make a real difference in the life of someone with a disability by donating the gift of time. Future Nepal have no any donor agency so we run the programs, the program fees paid by volunteers. If you are interested in providing donation for our various project please contact :

One Stone Project
We run a new project for volunteers. This project is for all International volunteers including Nepali volunteers. For this Project volunteers works with village people In this village Volunteers create ideas and apply them. We want to introduce villages around the world built by volunteers.

For this stone project volunteers help build green park , Green road, playgrounds, Gardens, Research centers, Education Center, Income Training Center, Health care Center, Tower, Beach in the river, Sports fields etc. In this project any support group, volunteers think and minimum collect one kg. stone or Rs. 1 perday each persone(yearly 365 kg stone or 365 Rs. Nepali) on this project to build and success the project. This type of program can be done any part of the nation. First we make stone committee then program. Program may be one week to extend one year. If
we go 1 month to 1 year program called stone revolution. If you go 1 day to 1 month called stone festival. (we collect stone yearly base in one

“A fantastic chance to create international links, discover hidden parts of the world, make lasting friendships and help a community do something really worthwhile”

This concept developed and designed first time in Nepal by Bishnu Prasad Poudel. This concept first applied in Meghauli-8, Chitwan. Which is perfectly success. Rest of the construction part will be going to built continusly by volunteers. We are going to apply this type of program most part of Nepal in future.

2-4 Weeks
Start Date Available yearly

Eco-village Construction
We believe that volunteering is one way to make worldwide friends and to get to know one another and to learn more idea from one another. I keen interest to design volunteering program for international volunteers throughout in Nepal and especially in my eco-village. I want to change the social structure through social movement so I designed one Open Social Exhibition Center, which is under construction and want to volunteer help. Volunteers welcome to share own skill, idea and experience. I think three mission to change community. They are

1. Positive Mission.-Be Positive every work or love own job, development, Think, Realize
2. Green Mission – Eco-farming, Eco-tourism, Eco-village, Eco-forest. Green House build, Avoid plastic
3. Stone Mission – Use our Natural Resource for development and construction without disturbance of future generation.

We and our community welcome in our community(home) with its warm and friendly atmosphere for many international volunteers from different countries.

Organic Farming:
We have also designed organic agriculture farm. We produce organic vegetable and lemon grass for tea, garden and small fruit farms. Our farm is located in Meghauli village in Chitwan District in the tarai region of Nepal. It is 170km from Kathmandu and 3km from Chitwan National Park.

It is also a tourist area near sports facilities, two biggest river Rapti and Narayani. Chitwan National Park where you directly see the wild animal.

Every year world Elephant polo Champion will be here.

Community Children Library:
Future Nepal has just established a new children library project in rented house at Meghauli Village in Chitwan district. The purpose of this library is to provide a beneficial learning resource for community children from all the caste. So we need wide variety of books and educational materials. We welcome to volunteer to help this library by assisting library, teaching to children, supporting children books and materials, donations etc.