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General Donation

If you would like to make a general donation for Future Nepal, you can use this link. This will allow Future Nepal to prioritize for the projects it has established in the communities. We appreciate your generosity. Your small contribution, will help make a big difference!

Donate for women’s group

Help Future Nepal for empowering the most disadvantaged women by sponsoring a women’s group just for a cost of $500 per annum. With this cost, Future Nepal can conduct various trainings for 10 members of each group and ultemately they can be community leaders for betterment of the community. Future Nepal has 15 women’s group at the moment and working to expand more for other community.

Sponsor a child’s education

You can sponsor a needy child’s one year education just for $300. This will pay for everything like school fees, uniform, bags, school supplies, stationary and medical support!

A partial sponsorship will cost $150 which will pay a child’s school supplies for a year. Please help to the children in need. This way we can make a better world together!

Donate for Social Movement Exhibition Center

Dear Donors / Sponsors,
Future Nepal is going to construct a social movement open exhibition center for awarness program to village prople. The project will cost Future Nepal $50,000 (Rs.39,00000). We aim to complete this project by 2015.

So you can donate any amount you would like. The donors who donate plus $500 will be named under our exhibition center. All donors will be listed in our website database and our publications.

– you can buy 1000 bricks for $150
– you can buy 50kg Rods for $50
– you can buy a window for $200
– you can sponsor a staff monthly salary for $200
– you can sponsor a skill training for a year for $300

Thank you for your generosity

For Booking or To Donate
Use: Western Union Money Transfer/ Money Gram
For : Future Nepal
Name of Director : Bishnu Prasad Poudel
Citizen Ship No. : 4074

Name of Bank: Globle Bank Ltd.
Account holders name: Durga Devi Ghimire
Account Number: 0107010009151